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PRAYING FOR.... this area, our nation, the world and Israel   

Using Prayer tools and offering ART WORKSHOPS

We are praying for funding to build a Meeting Room and Retreat Residency 


A Local House of Prayer commences with 2-3 people adopting a small local area for Jesus, and pray for the breaking in of the Kingdom of God, and play their part in it's release through their life and witness, and the aid of the Caleb questions.

The following is taken from notes made at a training day, based on the presentation written by Ray Godwin from Ffal-y-Brenin, who shares the foundational principles and practices used there. These have led to hundreds of people and churches establishing Local Houses of Prayer, with testimonies of transformed lives, new Christians, and changed communities across the UK, and many nations around the world.  Local Houses of Prayer (LHOP) are prayer based and thoroughly missional. There is an individual element and an important group element, with clear development and practices for both.

The vision of a Local House of Prayer is....

"To see the Kingdom come and God's will be done on this particular area of earth, as in Heaven.' We reflect on our community, what it would look like if the Kingdom broke in, what it might be like if the presence of God was here, what difference it would make to our neighbours and community, what the atmosphere would be like, and what sort of conversations we might have.

Gospel of the Kingdom. 

Gospel, Good News. Mark 1:14 Jesus preached good news. Luke 4:43 Jesus was sent to preach good news. Jesus comes proclaiming and bringing the Kingdom, Matthew 9:35, Luke 8:1,Acts 1:35. Jesus sends out disciples, Luke 9:1, Luke 10:9. Jesus teaching on prayer. Kingdom breaking in "Your Kingdom come". Where? On our bit of earth, in our neighbourhood, with people we work with. When Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom and brought it, He did so with power. Invoking the rule of God is powerful prayer, Jesus holds all authority and power. The Gospel that Jesus preached is bigger than our salvation.

Ministry of Priests.

We are called to be Priests of God, treasured possession Exodus 19:5, living stones, spiritual house, a holy priesthood 1Peter 2:5, chosen race, a royal priesthood 1Peter2:9. 3 aspects of our call as Priests Deuteronomy 10:8.  Role of Priests. Stand and Minister to Him, carry His presence, bless His name                                         Numbers 6:22-26,27.Importance of standing in the Presence Leviticus 9:22-23. 


Blessing people, communities and land. Using the Word of God, Numbers 6:24-26, 1 Kings 8:57-58, Psalm 20:1-5, Psalm 121 :7-8, 2Corinthians 13,14, Ephesians 3:16-19, Colossians 1:9-12, 1Peter 5:14, 2Peter 3:18.

BLESSING THE GREEN SHOOTS of what we see God do, partnering with the Holy Spirit.

There are 9 Key tenets of a Local House of Prayer

Meeting in one place (of good reputation), Cleanse and dedicate the place, Seeking the manifest presence go God each time you meet, Building an altar in our communities, Longing for the redemption of all things, Agreeing with Heaven and with each other, Blessing and interceding, with an individual and community/land focus, Breaking in of the Kingdom, the rule of God in our communities. 

Practice of a Local House of Prayer

Individual commitment (5 days) pray/bless five people. Name on list. Do not share list.

DAY 1 Pray: ‘And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil’ (God’s protection) Bless: Body - health, protection, strength

DAY 2 Pray: ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ (God’s provision) Bless: Labour - work, reward, security.

DAY 3 Pray; ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name’ (God’s character) Bless; Emotional- joy, peace and hope

DAY 4 Pray: ‘And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us’ (God’s forgiveness) Bless: Social- Love marriage, family, friends

DAY 5 Pray; ’Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ (God’s Kingdom) Bless: Spiritual- salvation, revelation, faith, grace

Corporate Commitment

 Purpose, to see the Kingdom of God come in power. Worship time- songs poems, Psalms. Testimony time- sharing what God has done. Pray for your area together, use the Lord's Prayer as a basis for prayer, speak blessings, identify and intercede for your area. Collectively, not individually pray over your list of fives (on the table).

Caleb questions

Who, what can you affirm and bless? To whom can you show mercy? With whom can you share the Gospel? What opportunity is God opening up for you as a group, to declare the good news of the Kingdom in your area? Who could you invite to come and join with you? 

5 Week Review

Are we aware of any green shoots, encouragements, yet? Am I asking the Holy Spirit to keep me focussed and fresh? Do I sense an absence of flow when I pray for anyone on my list? If so put them into a 'To be revisited) folder and replace them for the next five week cycle. Are we really praying in faith for a Kingdom breakthrough in our five's lives and when we pray in agreement? Am I faithful in doing my daily 5's and the L-HOP weekly meeting and review?

Thinking about our communities

In the streets around me, in the lives of the people in our community: where are the straining points? Is this an area where there is a lot of hopelessness? Is this a place where simply paying the bills is an issue?Is this a place where lots of people get sick all the time?

Teach us to pray

Disciples had an attitude of wanting to learn to pray Matthew 6

‘Our’ Prayer that Father is looking for comes from the body who are connected to His purpose, the royal priesthood. The Trinity is community. ‘Father’ We come in relationship to our Father.

Father who longs to say ‘yes’ to the requests His children. A father who is committed to love us. We come with confidence to a place of authority.

‘Hallowed be Your name’ what does that mean? name has to do with character. Let everything that is in Your character break to in our lives and our communities. God explains who He is in the context of being someone for us.

‘Your Kingdom come’ Praying that the Fathers rule may be made manifest.

Persevere! Jesus taught us to persevere until the harvest. You were made to bear fruit!