A warm summer evening.

The veil between heaven and earth lifts, precious Jesus is standing close.

I am drawn inside His heart, into His chamber.

Everything looks different.

Hawthorn leaves bedecked with iridescent ruby earrings.

A beam of gold caressing a rose, kissing with a final ember.

Willow whistling, whispering a note of breathless endorsement.

Precious Jesus is standing close.

'Caol Ait' - A 'Thin Place'  in a moment of time.

Set aside land from our Creator, positioned and prepared for prayer.

Green Martyrs giving their lives to that place, totally devoted and focussed.

Sentinels of prayer.

Such glorious unions throughout time -  of man, land and Creator.

Each moment thinning the atmosphere, by those positioned and prepared for prayer.

'Caol Ait' - A Permanent 'Thin Place'.

Highways of Holiness coming together, intersections of power shared. 

Holy Power driving the Highways, His Word being proclaimed and declared.

Set aside land from our Creator, with caretakers placed by the hand of God.

The veil under heaven lifts, with angelic sentinels to guard and watch.

Houses of prayer, reaching areas and nations.  

Shifting atmospheres. 

'Caol Aits' - 'Thin Places' linked.

Copyright J.Smith