Caleb questions

Who, what can you affirm and bless? 

To whom can you show mercy? 

With whom can you share the Gospel? 

What opportunity is God opening up for you as a group, to declare the good news of the Kingdom in your area? 

Who could you invite to come and join with you?  

5 Week Review - Are we aware of any green shoots, encouragements, yet? 

Am I asking the Holy Spirit to keep me focussed and fresh? 

Do I sense an absence of flow when I pray for anyone on my list?

 If so put them into a 'To be revisited) folder and replace them for the next five week cycle. 

Are we really praying in faith for a Kingdom breakthrough in our five's lives and when we pray in agreement?

 Am I faithful in doing my daily 5's and the L-HOP weekly meeting and review? 

Thinking about our communities - In the streets around me, in the lives of the people in our community: where are the straining points? 

Is this an area where there is a lot of hopelessness? 

Is this a place where simply paying the bills is an issue?

Is this a place where lots of people get sick all the time? 

Teach us to pray.... Disciples had an attitude of wanting to learn to pray Matthew 6 

‘Our’.. Prayer that Father is looking for comes from the body who are connected to His purpose, the royal priesthood. The Trinity is community.   

  ‘Father’ We come in relationship to our Father. Father who longs to say ‘yes’ to the requests His children. A father who is committed to love us. We come with confidence to a place of authority.

 ‘Hallowed be Your name’ what does that mean?.... name has to do with character.                           Let everything that is in Your character break to in our lives and our communities. God explains who He is in the context of being someone for us.

 ‘Your Kingdom come’...... Praying that the Fathers rule may be made manifest.                        

Persevere! Jesus taught us to persevere until the harvest. You were made to bear fruit! 

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