THE GREEN SHOOTS of what we see God do, partnering with the Holy Spirit.

The green shoots have been coming in abundance  September (2016), a 'Filling Station' was set up at Ridgway Hall in Langport.

For many years there have been prayers for such a cross denominational unity and meeting. Ridgeway Hall was actually the place of prayer and prophecy for a long time and now those prayers have been answered and the prophecies fulfilled. There has been a large gathering of prayer for the area as well. The Lord has brought several of us who originally prayed, back together again.

Over the years as we have been praying for this area we have watched a new school being built at the centre of a massive housing development, which is still growing.

Our church minister told us that the school was looking for church involvement and we have attended prayer meetings in the school. We  have monthly prayer meetings with a team of people from different denominations. For two years now we were involved. Christmas cards delivered to the houses - gathering  for a prayer before going out. Then Carols on the green. At Halloween,  sited in the middle of the estate, on the street with three tables, one for writing prayers to hang on a line stretched along a wall, a table to light a candle for someone who needed light in their lives, and a table with Christian music, and free gifts of lanterns with 'Jesus is the light of the world' written on them, little booklets, gifts, and badges, all to put into their bags as the childrem were going around the estate. 

In 2017 a group of teenage girls (not in Halloween costumes), joined us and went around the estate singing, as they left us they were singing “Our God is a Great Big God’.

Christian parents from a local church are doing a lunch-time club for the children it is very popular with over thirty children attending.

There are Messy Church events at Christmas and Easter in the school Hall. The team are involved in setting up workshops over one day, for Y6 pupils from three schools. It's based on the theme of a journey, because they will all be moving to the 'big' school. Dennis and I did a workshop for two years.

We also took part in the Summer Fete, Dennis and I, with our puppets, and we also took assemblies.

CUPPA AND CHAT....serving coffee one day a week at 2.15 - 3.30pm to gather and meet some of the parents / grandparent s/ great grandparents, before pick-up - to help the new parents meet others and just chat and "network".  

There is  a prayer request box which is used. 

In April 2018 a 10 week Parenting Course from 1pm - 2.30pm, presented by Dennis and myself, with cake and coffee before we began. (It is in a similar format to Alpha). 

We have stepped back since the Lord has been moving things rapidly here, regarding building a meeting room and eventually a residential place for people to stay.

As we are being equipped there are people who are being brought here by the Lord for prayer and ministry.

Further information is available on enquiring by e mail to: Julia Smith.....