A Wetland sunrise, morning alight with gossamer threads.

Floating ethereal strands of radiance enhanced with dewy beads.

A flattened landscape, Heavens Gate, gouged with symmetrical *rhines.

With creative splendour adorned.  

Awesome, active, alive, under the warmth of a noon sun.

Palliative hues of iridescent lincoln,

Shimmering above the calmness of flight and hoof.

Creations business being conducted.  

Sky on fire as sunset looms, a bragging extravagant statement.

Roosting, settling, nature predictably compliant.

The net of evening squeezing colour and contour.

Darkness swallowing the land.

Splendid, majestic stars atop the moor at midnight.

Clarity of sound, a revelation.

Creation under moonlight,

Owning every inch of willow and reed.

Until, with the first finger of dawn,

The Wetlands turn, full circle.

(*Rhineā€¦ local word for a ditch)                                            Copyright    JULIA SMITH, 'FYDLERS END.